DCP aka Death Camp Parade

Remember Rock? Perhaps a throwback to the good ol' days, but with a twist. The theme is Totalitarianism, which results in Tyranny and a destruction of peoples rights, happiness, and basic health. Rock is all about the rebel yell, so I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.


Rich Keltron Keltner: composition and mix, guitars and synths

Zeph "mondo8" Daniel: Vocals, Lyrics, Mix, Melody, Mastering

Lyrics by Zeph Daniel


I don’t know who I am or what my name is

How I got here, where I’m going

Something happened along the way

I’m not a slave

I don’t listen to you

Now I see who you really are

You thought you had me fooled

And I’m not listening anymore

You will do what your told

And be glad

You will do as your told

and be glad.

I will tell what to do

And you will be…..

Now I know who you really are

Now I can see where I’ve been

No I will not

No I will not

No I will not

I will not do as you say

Now I see who you really are

You really thought you had me fooled

You’re a fool!

Now I see what you are

A Totalitarian

I will not obey

Take our freedoms

turn the military against our own country

No I don’t think so

Now I see who you really are

You’ve got a lot of nerve

To come around here

with your LIES!…


Stay the hell away from me.

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