Other Than This

The one thing You shouldn’t have done The one thing Everyone If there was another way a way out help us to find the way out

Hear our pleas Hear our pleas ……..


I often wondered where I wound up I don’t recognize this as the place I was born somehow this is a different world and I believe I have died and I wound up here

This place represents one of the levels of hell I’m not sure exactly what I did or what happened but obviously I didn’t pass muster I would like to do better I am very sorry for what I’ve done but no one will tell me what I’ve done no one will tell me what I’ve done! 

Forget about all that! You don’t need to know go back to your little club Security! We all exist to have fun-- kick it out, get some--got it?

That’s all it is, baby That’s all it is, baby

(I know you’re good)

Get it while you can.

No… don’t let it all fall down Not again! Not again Not again

Is there a way behind the stars? Is there a way beyond the stars? There wasn’t a dome on the last place I was in There was no throne where I came from (nobody, nobody) Who would be? Who would be?

Well can I know-- Anyway can I know what I did? Anyway other than this Is there another option? Because this is not,  it's not even following the rules of  physics anymore-- There is no cause and effect anymore   I’m surprised more people haven’t gone stark raving mad to be honest with you OK, I’m sorry.  I am sorry. I am very very sorry. Bullshit You’re not gonna stick me here Everybody thinks they may go to heaven or hell

Something else…. I want to know Is there something other than this something other

It’s all been fake!

Is there any way back to the beginning? Before the beginning, before…. 

Written, Composed, & Produced By Zeph Daniel

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