I've been around for 3 rounds of prophecy smack and was aware of the others in Los Angeles and elsewhere over the last 3 decades -- all failed.  And there is a reason for this, which I delved into... God's creation is really not like we like to think of it collectively.  What happens when you are waiting for this EVENT to occur and it does not?  How many lose faith?  Why do we run around creating hierarchies and new hoops to conform to and jump through... the new stars of today, like yesterday are often wrong but people keep trying to time it.  A new batch of Elijahs pop up and AWAY WE GO...

BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM IS GOD... Love God, love one another.

This is ultimately unacceptable in the prophecy wars community.  It depends on THEM being evil and getting what THEY deserve and the good being taken out-spirited away to safety while the big smackdown occurs...

Ultimately I may go back to sleep and join back into smackola time, but at least a moment of clarity for those about to be disappointed in 2012.

Again, no doubt that WW3 is about to occur, the alien invasion is long overdue, and massive earth changes, comets and horrors are about to be UNLEASHED ON PLANET E...

I am not afraid of it, been the same deal since day one.

I am a messenger of hope this year, don't want to see anyone disappointed in God... No doubt bad things will happen, and they have been happening since day one.

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