My thoughts on the prophecy smackers re "the Apocalypse Storm"... hitting, destroying Washington DC or/and the Biblical storm memes.

I offer a prophetic and spiritual take on what the storm IS... for your discernment. At the same time, there are so many problems of "them" infiltrating America, bringing their death and perversion and destruction to human life, re partial birth abortion (murder), re destruction and usurpation of the economy and individual rights, re the secret societies and their obvious Luciferian worshipful architecture... well I don't discuss all that exactly but it's all connected--meaning America is worthy of correction, a big one. To me what judgment is would be a minimum of 5 million dead and no way back for years. So, once again I am disappointed with the whole braggadocios Christian grandstanding view... God's judging better repent, and this is a prophecy--well better get the prophecy right before expecting people to listen.

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