I deeply respect my prophetic and visionary brothers and sisters who have bravely shared prophecies, dreams and visions of Barack Obama as the Antichrist, and this as the time of Tribulation -- the advent of the Return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the Forever Kingdom of God.

I stop short of saying Obama is it, as the evidence mounts up -- it is not time for me to say such a thing adamantly, and yet, he is the most antichrist and powerful.... many have done surveys of his life and I do not do that here.  We cover the worship of Obama and the fact that his followers do consider him the return of Lucifer to the earth, and they do pledge their lives to him in total.

Last note: the math doesn't exactly work out unless you say Tribulation began 3.5 years ago, after Obama's first inauguration.  Which also means people have not been raptured by Jesus.  So it's an interesting thing to be reasoning and exploring in the spirit.

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