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"Keep this ministry going... donate today!".... "Partnership with us and keep Jesus alive!" ... "Come to our End Times Prophecy Conference and be blessed--sign up and pay now, we accept PayPal!" .... Get your DVD's for just 49.99 from the Nephilim conference!" ... "Buy my best selling book THE HARBINGER NOW NOW NOW!"...

Now mind you I am selling a CD that happens to be spiritual in nature and celebrates the Lord... but you don't have to buy it--I have offered it free at

Reasons I took away the "Donate" button are numerous, one main reason is that it's too warping of the message... I say the things I need to say and not in the Christian-ease goody-two shoes manner.

My continuing prayer over the fallen churches, who proved their worthlessness after the 911 event, where people go to church for 2 weeks and then drop out.  It's not their fault, it's the fact that there was NOTHING THERE to keep them.

And more...

Oh, and you don't have to pay me.


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