Well, we did this in 2002 when I announced boldly: THERE WILL BE NO PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE... and so for those who believe we are in the tribulation and for those who believe in the Rapture... WHAT HAPPENED?

Nope, now it's fudged.  But what I notice in cults, whether conspiracy cults within religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Native American religion, Islam and others, is that they are established by a few people to gain control of a lot more people for the purpose of propping themselves up as EXPERTS, book-sellers, Mind-Controllers, Handlers, Radio Talk Show hosts, and on and on.  I mention a few obvious ones from the past who in my view have hit the wall as frauds... but there are obviously more...and oh how they condemn you if you do not AGREE AND KOOLAID up regarding their doctrines of man, of the heavens, of angels and humans, of end times, of rapture dates, of Tribulation timing, of Bible expertness, and on and on and on and on... with a condemning spirit for those who do not jump through their inane, pedantic and ridiculous hoops!

Yes, F R A U D.

I go into some revelation I got doing Kelly Rowley's incredible song, "End of Days Inside" and oddly enough--it is all about spiritual abuse, trauma at the hands of what?  ... you got it, a RAPTURE CHURCH!  yep... those who are black sheep are not allowed on the Jesus bus don't you know!

So I announce it: there is no rapture in 2 or 3 weeks... count on it.  Those who keep warning are not winning souls for Christ, they are simply controlling, deceiving (self-and others), condemning... and externalizing all their own subjective pain on others because they can't handle the world.  Well I tell you what: I can't handle it either.  Jesus can.  I am imperfect, HE IS PERFECT.  I am all wrong.  He is ALL RIGHT.  Lean on Him for understanding.

A friend sent me an email condemning my show for discussing Christmas... it's that same cultic spirit--that same demon!  Only they will never-- and have never -- admitted wrongdoing?  Or leading people astray.  Or promising them false hope, or just being WRONG.  Wrong Date, Wrong Time, Wrong Decade, Wrong Century--doesn't matter, they will never repent.

And in 2012 you bet they won't quit--BUSINESS OF FEARMONGERING AND FALSE PROPHECY IS BOOMING!  They will not receive a real word because you do not agree, therefore YOU must be wrong and they are always right, no matter what.

I fully understand--beaten down by life, rejection, trauma abuse, and then you finally get to be in a cult and rise up as a visionary, a prophet, a healer, an angel of the Lord God Himself...

With books to sell and information that is precious for the world ... to be revealed, the secret evil of the ages.

Alas, all is VANITY!  Folly.  Get over yourselves. You're not better than the persecuted church, you'll be here.  Most, not all.  But most.  Oh "not all" leaves 'em guessing.

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