It no longer matters what they do or do not do.  Jesus Christ God is LOVE.  The PROPHECY SMACK community has gone completely headlong into fear-based paranoic fantasies about God, heaven, the Bible and forgotten the purpose of life.  Of the path of Christ.

I have done this as well because there is fellowship there... but there is hatred if you are on the truth.  They don't like it.

The point is, it's ok if the thing falls.  It's ok if there are wars and rumors of wars... been the same emergency all my life.  Why do we spin reality and put God in a box?  WHEN HE WANTS TO GIVE US THE KINGDOM IN TOTAL?  WHEN HE WANTS TO LOVE US?  Why do we engage fear and worry and condemn others for not drinking our KOOLAID... our Rapture theory, our Jesus theory, our universal man-centered delusional theories?

I can see the conflict, and I see ZION ahead, aka CHRIST, I see the KINGDOM WITHIN... I know I love my enemies, and that I am my worst enemy at times... I know that I know the truth, but obscure it when it does not suit me... I know the flesh is LIMITED, but let me not LIMIT GOD.

God wants me to fall in love like when I was young, when there is no end of the world but only world-without-end, with unlimited possibilities.

I love the smackmeisters, don't get me wrong, but I see a trainwreck ahead, and i see the folie-a-deux.... MASS HYPNOSIS AND MASS DECEPTION.

Everybody wants to be someBODY... everybody wants to be IMPORTANT.  Everybody wants you to look at them with their predictions of gloom, doom, the end, what will be, what will not, what is and what is not.  Everybody saying (as Laurie Anderson the 80's performance artist said) LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME... trapped in EGO.  Trapped in solipsism.  Trapped in mind control  Trapped.

I wake up a lot but with the LOVE OF MY GOD JESUS CHRIST, WHO IS LOVE, I feel alright.  It's ok!  I could be them.  I could be anyone... I am NOT DISCONNECTED from all that I see and certainly NO VICTIM.

FOR THOSE WITH EARS.  A few.  Note: I cannot stop the trainwreck about to hit.  The loss of faith will lead to the wilderness for many.  That is a good thing in the end.  It will be a healing I hope.

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