THE LORD GAVE ME HEB 5 TO WORK ON on this pod.  Well, the message is convicting.  Some have gotten lazy, or dull in hearing, and that has dulled their discernment and weakened us.  Time to rededicate ourselves to the task at hand with cheer and good faith.  I speak on Obama and the Communist takeover planned for decades, and what to do about it, I share some personal testimony regarding my deceased mother, and her ignorance in rejecting the Gospel right at the end of her life (I pray of course God has mercy on her and that she came to her senses in that twilight before the end--at least I have hope in that of course...because God is my father. )  It sort of goes via the Holy Spirit.  I do think the spiritual root of communism is satanism straight up.  These people have NO BUSINESS IN OFFICE OR AMERICA.  I am not shy about my feelings.  I hate communism and it is simply a ruse to enslave and destroy.

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