ONLY GOD HEALS.  This had to be proven to me over a long period of time.  Healing doesn't look like anything I might have expected... one thing though, the world needs it--healing opens the heart, healing brings reason, creating a space for true love to reside in, which is also almost ineffable and indescribable, and not jumping around and falling down writhing on the ground, but a sublime subtle thing.

I begin once again with my experience in the churches and then a different understanding, tying it all in with the fallen situation within us, DNA... and the awareness that, "Of course they would fall to the satanic system, everything has"... Gen 3: Crush his (serpent's) head, bruise his (humanity's) heel".... meaning tied hip and thigh with the serpent or the devil or Satan.

Healing comes from God or doesn't come.

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