I explore it but give room for another interpretation.  It's just uncanny how Barack Obama and world events seem to fit the Last Kingdom of the Book of Daniel, indicating we are truly in the last time.

At the same time I see nuclear war possible, or mass plagues, and mass death, and then, like in the past the whole sad tale could be revived and go again--as it seems to several times in each millennium.

Jesus said there would be no "sign" of the end.  Yes, no sign for those looking for things in their own minds... but we've had plenty of signs--supernatural events, upheavals, never-before situations emerging.  So there is this debate, about the end of Time, the end of things, the Return of Christ, the extinguishing of Time in the New Jerusalem.

And all that distant stuff.  But here we are, in the occult realm, Obama is already King of America, Egypt and Libya... his lieutenant in Egypt is Morsi, so that makes him (Obama, not Morsi) a kind of new Pharaoh.

And then again, he could be defeated quickly, as goes with pride and arrogance, but not after much destruction.  King Obama is already credited with the destruction of the USA.  People actually do worship him as Christ, the abomination of desolation themes today are numerous and growing.

If there is a God then there is hell to pay.  If God is erroneous then there won't be hell to pay.

I contend that God is real and for awhile, it seems the bad guys win and good guys have hell to pay--this will be a very strong test for people... many will lose their faith, feeling forsaken.  Which is understandable.

Now, the audio uploaded is over 200 megs because it got processed at too high a bit rate (320K).  So be patient with downloads and I will try not to have this glitch in the future.  I like to put up a decent file however at 128k.

Today I have visions of a post World War world, some may call it a post apocalyptic world.  So this would tend to go against this audio in a way.  To those looking for a sudden end (i.e. wise virgin story, i.e. Jesus coming at a moment when you think he is not coming--i.e. the fall of Babylon, turning over the world system and establishment of the forever Kingdom in Daniel....  sure I hope for it!)

90 percent evil and most of it veiled is not my idea of a good time.



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