This took me to the wider, broader picture of what is happening, what the world is, and those who cave into it now finding that they have run out of juice so to speak.  Nothing can be done about this, it's reaping what you sow time.  In America, and the world.  It's going to happen.  I am just fine with it.  But others, who thought it would go on, or that they would not be seen... that thought they were covered... (think of church covering before throwing up here)... who thought they got away with it.  Who thought that all the transgressions against the weak would never be repaid.  Oh well... America RIP 1776 - 2012, and this is only the beginning.

Still have laryngitis, feeling a bit better as I write this.  Now hearing the new H2 mic from Zoom, I am not a happy camper.  It's but pales in comparison to my mics in the studio.

Godspeed.  Oh, to you writing emails here, I don't read them here.  Try friending me on Facebook or Twitter.

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