Oh yes... click the above if you want to learn about religion and the jaded method of using the Bible to gather them in.  Oh Well, MINISTRY IS AS MINISTRY DOES.... you be the judge.  So what is up with church, or crutch, the Limitation of God to feeble man's mind of control and divide and conquer and all thinking God is pleased...  wow.  What pleases God?  Externalization of so-called reality?  Does a lie please the truth?  If so then the whole world of mankind is pleasing to God 24/ over.  Or is it game on?

I do go on a bit about misguided souls seeking to control others and even yours truly--as if they have not learned yet: this is not about me, but about you.  Nothing else really exists save for our prison cells, awaiting our response, gosh, what to do with Free Will, meaning WILL.

I tell many to stop listening, don't expect gathering or anything else--we are not interested in gathering anyone, but rather FREEDOM... gee what a concept: FREE.  I give enough examples for conviction in any court.   As for the posers, it's the whole world--the demons become angels when you choose surrender to the One-who-made-I=IS.

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