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JEZEBEL... yes, it's her world.  There are some gross and kind of perversely funny images I bring up to prove a point about individuals giving up their testicles to Jezebel for entry into the world race where everyone loses... ruled by the sisterhood, the feminized men are at the forefront as if running things, when in truth they are puppets of Jezebel, whom no one will challenge because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  To refuse to bow down is in this case to scorn... all these metaphors help us to understand the basic slavery 101 of the satanic world and if you have the patience to wade through 3 hours of yours truly, you will see that in the end, nothing is personally against you, it's always been like this.  I do not advocate living as Tom Petty says his song, "Like a refugee" and I do not advocate being bitter and distrusting of the world since, if you are not one of theirs, they tend to attack... but to fully rely on God for all things... to retain the JOY OF THE LORD no matter what--you're taken care of.  They are the majority, but the one's attacking are eunuchs of Jezebel... who could be men of God, but refuse to challenge "her".   It's like the witch in the Geico commercial... the janitor yields his broom to her when she demands it, then when she flies away, he says, "I'm gonna stand up to her"... his friend says, "No you're not."  He says, yeah I know.  Could be anyone ... certainly no one would condemn another for falling, God forbid.  We are naturally wanting freedom as human beings however... Jesus, no matter the mind control or the slander again, is still the Only Way.  John 14:6. But the proviso is... no one comes to the Son unless the Father draws him... so again, God's timing is His Own, not ours.

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