The beginning of their Kingdom, or another failure?  Obama's Hawaii trip yielded nothing--he is not indwelt by Lucifer, as hoped for.  The return of the gods (Fallen Angels) should occur now, we should be going into the Daniel timeline  and Rev timeline to the end, ... if they don't pull this off by Jan 20, a whole new set of events comes into play.  I am glad I kept my powder dry, and never took the leap, you can't with God... I saw Barack Husein Obama as the New King but now he has lost his mojo, even though successful at beating up Congress.  Washington is a Temple to a number of gods and in particular to the Sun God, or Satan.  (Sun, Son of God, Satan.... Morningstar, morningstar, satan jesus.....)... we talk about this Sun, morningstar thing being Lucifer or Jesus a bit.  I explain it.

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