Forgive my laryngitis or whatever it is... Safe to say anything or anyone who raises consciousness about what is going on is subject to being targeted in some way... All of what we are seeing is supernatural, even though played out in geo-Political terms.  For me,  America ended November 6-7 2012, and lasted about 236 years.  This poses an interesting question.  Like ok, now we know, now what do we do?   First of all there is no sense going over the gloom and doom prophecies of old... I mean, you know it really is going off the cliff as we speak and the voters begged for it... can't watch that show any longer, because it bores me.  Now after doing this pod, I'm thinking of anything that would be good to do... I have no use for AM or FM news, or Fox News, or political news, or the Drudge Report, or Breitbart, or Rush, or the Conspiracy or religio-paranoiac media that so dominated youtube the past few years... No interest, zero!.... I would rather listen to Miles Davis, yeah, or Charlie Parker or Mingus or certain movie soundtracks with interesting themes... or Beethoven or even new-new wave alt rock from the UK... search for something in nature to look at.  Or whatever else... because what they do is REPETITIVE, OBVIOUS, and so dark it makes me sick.  Are we not yet aware of the nod-wink club?  And they do that because what they do is disgusting and they wouldn't want it known, so nod wink if you're an asshole, great..   Too many assholes, and time for their comeuppance!...  The worship of Obama as Messiah--that's just amazing, All for You Damien!  If you belong to God, no worries... if you belong to the world system, then they will demand your soul for crumbs.

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