I recommend this movie if you want to see a deeper truth than Eyes Wide Shut showed and others.  I go into my own life as spells were cast using blood rituals against me--and comparing my bring crippled by such horrors as a testament against Christians who thought they knew better, suggesting that if they had gone through what I have survived, miraculously thanks to God, they would not be so judgmental.

I go 2 hours to really say JESUS CHRIST HEALS ME daily.  I am not up on all the wiles of the devil, as one family member hostilely said: YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING.

That's true.  And I don't want to know--but I do know what has been done in Satan's name and the name of the gods (fallen ones) against me.  I am aware that I have not had a life thanks to that, but I understand.   Anyone who exposes these realities comes front and center in their crosshairs... been squawking about this since 17 years old.

This also causes other to distance themselves from me, or suggest I conform to their fellowship that I might receive a healing.  Well all fellowships are corrupt--the only one you can trust is yourself and your relationship with God and even that on better days, not everyday, because sometimes we are deluded or blinded by the enemy or confused.

Witchcraft ruined the entire world--and for anyone to become really famous, or destroyed--either extreme--blood must be spilled in their honor or dishonor.  I am sure there are famous people who say they have never been in such activities, but nonetheless, someone directed energy, power, fame etc. their way.

In the end, God brings us through all these things for HIS PURPOSE... as for me He uses me as a litmus test for them.  There is just a thing that happens... antipathy, eternal hatred (though I do not hate them, I actually love them all and want to help).  I consider the entire HUMAN conundrum as WE ARE IN THIS BOAT TOGETHER, even though we are divided against one another.

Jesus Christ heals that--YAHOSHUA HA MASHIACH makes us whole, and so Christ is loving them as ONE WHOLE FORCE OF LOVE against confusion, division and hatred... Love divides only when the world is divided--it actually unites in the end.

People will not stop their witchcraft--it is the oldest thing in the book, and still gets politicians elected, kings coronated, rock stars famous--but there is always blood of innocents being spilled, for destruction or exaltation, and that is something none of us should tolerate--we should stand up against it, as there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Fear is how they have succeeded in ruling, in shutting people up--fear of death primarily.

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