Basically it's the end of all things already.. we are in a kind of twilight zone but many, especially at the top, are looking more like deer in the headlights, and many are turning to God... to get right because they know something is coming they may not survive.  I mention that something--i.e. it begins with radiation from the Sun, solar ejecta that hits the Asian side of the earth unfortunately, but this is like a wakeup call even though much damage to power grids etc.  

I do talk about sex-magick rituals but only as a modality to the Dragon's secret pleasure--murder.  And how one pastor tried to promote it by saying that God made us have so much (sperm) that He understands the need to... etc etc.  Don't laugh--they are not!  Sacrifice of living seed, living beings, abortion, wars etc all become sacrificial rites under this Beast, this Satan, this Lucifer, this fallen kingdom.  (I'm sure I will cause you to laugh as I mention these things as tools of social conformity and mind control.  

Lyrics, I mention a few... especially where some call for murder as legit if it means you can find and get favor of the devil ("Bargain" by the Who for instance, where the lyric goes: "To find you I would drown an unsung man" i.e. murder in exchange for satanic salvation)

I think some elites believe the sun is about to go supernova right now so they are FREAKED OUT.  But we don't have to be.   It's already the end--How can one build a New World Order on NO EARTH?  Hint: a new world order needs time... none left.  

So we are in the Twilight Zone, friends.   I know this: the paradigm of living in this world via the Dragon is no longer possible.  Satan has nothing to offer in this aftermath of civilization.  It just goes to barbarism or expansion (birth) of consciousness.  I choose going with God and forgetting all this.  

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