This podcast deals with a PROJECT that I am sometimes sinking in, sometimes elated in--definitely in the middle of.

It deals with the ADVENT OF THE UFO AND ALIEN MENTAL CONTROL and PRESENCE...i.e. spiritual warfare--a spiritual reality to compete with the reality of Creator.

A collision of extremes--beautiful interludes and chord progressions met with kick the stall down double bass drums driving the world to a conclusion.

We deal with the 3rd and 2nd movements today. The First Movement, on SoundClick will lose voice overs and other things will be added. There is NO NEED for the human voice in this multilayered recording.

Note, it will be available on CD, but not from CD Baby as we are no longer affiliated, nor do we ever want to do business with them again, purely for the reason that they upload puny 128k files to iTunes when we upload 320k mp3 files and mp4 files.

So we will find a way for you to get the for the album download, we are considering using SNOCAP.

I hope you enjoy this update. Z

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