Podcast #7 - Out Mind

Mind control is alive and well in all societies, foisted upon humans by television, news, movies and music--and of course organized religion. There are so many layers to it that without some sort of supernatural MIRACLE, a person cannot be free, and will not see truth. Indeed, most humans rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic all their lives until the ship sinks. That part of it is called "agreed upon delusion"...i.e. the emperor's new suit is stunning!

And when looked at in this context, salvation takes on a brand new meaning.

Sadly, most are mind controlled to not see the daily miracles that occur around them, testifying to the truth--that GOD is GOD, and is Creator, and is Messiah and is the all in all. And they refuse to believe that God is no respecter of persons.

These are the ones who go by prodding and carrots. You prod them, they obey, you give them carrots they obey, as their lives are a series of prods and carrots and then it's over, next please.

How to get out of it, Tune In my friends.

Get yourself a cold one, a nice tall glass of ice tea with lemon, and some apple slices and peanuts and prepare to leave Babylon.

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