PSALM 2016

PSALM 2016






With all the stuff that’s hit the fan 

Here I stand a forbidden man 

The hate towards me, 

I can’t keep pace!

They’re no longer the human race.


All the trials set to terrify me 

But they never lift their eyes to see 

That I’m a man from beyond the stars

You only wish you could see so far!


The power I hold in just one hand 

Is more than your minions ever planned.

Torture and death, imminent attack…

You’ll have to do way better than that!


I die once, but you die twice… 

In the face of all justice 

You’ll bend the knee then barely suffice.

Power beyond word or knowledge, 

But I think it’s cute that you went to college.


I wait on His will, when I hear Him say, 

‘Move’ then mountains dive out of the way.

Your day is coming! 

Like an oncoming train 

As you sit on the tracks unwilling to explain 


Why you remain, awkward and lost, 

An empty-headed fool not counting the cost.

Keep saying “you know,” 

Until your last breath 

Then walk into eternity, 

blind, dumb and deaf.

The ones you mocked,

laughed at and smirked

Will see you again when we rule the earth.


You, on the other hand, 

got your work cut out.

One day very soon, when Jesus shouts 

You’ll no longer have what you yearn, 

Or be the one to earn more than most earn,

That player who made friends learn to smile 

You’ll be busy on your own last mile.


All the way to the throne of God 

The Creator of all 

The reason for breath, a thought, 

a look, or beating heart.

He’ll open the books, then you will start

To explain the allegiances of your heart.


Tell Him about your love for the dark, 

That though He called you did not hark. 

Tell Him that you can find your own way, 

That you know the score

Just pipe up, let Him know, 

You don’t need Him anymore.


Do it, if you think that’s the way 

To have any sway,

But on that day 

Go ahead, be afraid. 

Be very, very afraid.



Poem by Michele Archer

Composition, Vocals, and Production by Zeph Daniel

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