Classic rock vibe, and what I'm doing here is recreating the bands I was in way back when. The song came to me as I got into E minor and that just sort of grew.  Vocally and lyrically I went at it as a particle musical.  And I think the drama of the Fall of Babylon would be a great musical!..Please listen with good headphones or speakers because I worked my butt off on the baseline and don't want you to miss that.  :) 


She sits a queen and is no widow

I thought you were cool
Not some kinda fool

Thought you had class
You’re in the past

And I don’t want to think 
you’re the way you are--

Deal with it


You thought you had some kind 
of power

When you’re gone you won’t think 
you did anything wrong

You think you got away with it 
and now you’re free


Now you know that you have been defeated
by the One who judges you!

Now — reward to her double!

Now is the time where you 
will go down for your crimes

Now you’re fate is sealed in the Word

You’re the Queen of the Damned.

The servants of Babylon
They stand there
and wail and moan--
The end of Her!

Yeah… Babylon

When you’re gone you won’t think 
you did anything wrong!

Now we live without your
bloodthirsty ways

Blood everywhere
for those who serve Babylon
They know what they did
And who they did it to…………

(Inspired by the Book of Revelation: Chapter 18)

Copyright (c) Zeph Daniel, Some Rights Reserved
If you copy these lyrics or song, give credit please

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