plural noun: SIMULACRA

an image or representation of someone or something.


Now I figure, now that we're on the verge of total chaos, death collapse and sorrow for those who remain, perhaps I might offer a strange piece that could cause us to see it (what we think of as "reality") another way. 

Perhaps we might see something. 

I composed and produced and wrote various lyrics and parts. Kellie Rowley brought some lyrics and melody and her amazing voice. 

I had to kind of function as a director here and Kellie ran with it, even down to the detail of sounding like musicals from the way back machine. (Julie Andrews) 

It's more like a musical than some 3 minute groovy song. It's not that. So you may not be interested. 

The song will be available on soundcloud or from the Zeph Report tomorrow or the next day. It really doesn't need a video... I tried to make the images secondary and slower than the developing song so that the song is more prominent. Any further story ideas about this could be developed from this as an inspiration but it really has been done, 2 examples: 'INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS' or 'THEY LIVE'. 

I can hear them SCREAMING as they try to excise the alien thing within them! Can't be done. Not by human hands anyway. Nope.


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