by Zeph Daniel

They said it couldn’t be done
They scoffed and mocked you
But you wouldn’t listen

You are going to the sky
You will travel to beyond the stars

You will travel above the stars
You will go to the top of the universe

You keep going
No matter what they say or do

On to say what to do 
where you were 
why did you answer the call?

I know you’re going to the sky
I know you’re going to the top of the universe

You’re going away
I know you’ll never return
Higher and higher

We will never have known you

They ridiculed you
They laughed at you
At all your ideas

So smug they were with their big plans!

Further than any fallen angel has gone
Further than anyone would think is possible

Now you scoffers see...
See what you missed!
See what you lost!

Now you’re going higher
Now you’ll never return.

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