"Speak The Truth - Kellie, Michael and Zeph" 

Song Notes:

There was a question that came in the early hours while I was thinking about our young people.

How are they getting through this strange time we live in? Michael and I mulled over this in

conversation. And this song came forth. His guitar says much of what the angst in my gut felt

and then Zeph brought his drums and amazing production skills into the mix and brought what

was in our hearts to fruition. It's amazing! 3 people. One in Santa Fe NM, one in Brisbane Australia,

and another in Rocky Mount NC, making music together like we were making bread.

We hope you enjoy! - Kellie Rowley





There's a million lies whispering in your ear

They're coming through the airwaves and that's why you are here

This is the time, make up your mind

You can change your world

But first you gotta open your heart

And speak the truth inside


Speak the Truth, live the truth

Speak the Truth, don't be afraid, don't lie to yourself just speak the truth


Where are you going to in the search for your meaning

What have you gone through and is the past all its seeming

Oblivious, it's just us

Found in the wreckage of humanity

But what if I told you

Theres a way to keep your sanity



They say open your 3rd eye

I say open up your heart

Question everything

Divide the light from the dark

And be brave, don't just behave

Laugh at the demons in their faces

Give your kindness willingly

Keep the bitter roots in their places. 




Lyrics, Composition, Acoustic Guitar by Kellie Rowley, 

Lead Guitars, Bass by Michael Ritchi, 

Drums, Mix and Production by Zeph Daniel

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