We are all addicts...

Of anger, lust, covetousness, judgmentalism, materialism, IDOLOTRY, closed minded, closed hearted, etc etc.

If a person has anger for example that is just lingering, then they are ripe to become an addict of something... thus we have a nation and a world of addicts who are idoloters... i.e. those who get into a system, a way, a doctrine of man, someone else's plan, looking to experts for the CURE...praying a certain way, Bible teachers, a system of prophecy... ALL IDOLOTRY.

Idolotry, anger, separation from spirit is Addiction--MAY NOT HAVE MANIFESTED YET, but it will. These are slaves to comfort zones, doing things the same way every time, worrying about not having enough, not being on the right schedule, not having enough money, health, etc etc etc...

The exact opposite of the teachings of Jesus--and why?

Because people cannot follow these teachings unless they give up the world (idolotry) to be fulfilled in John 17, ONE IN GOD, GOD IN ONE... to be CHRIST!... that is OVERCOME THE WORLD, SPIRIT IS ETERNAL... i.e. YOU ARE SPIRIT... so what is wrong?

You're just an actor who memorized a script... nothing to worry about. So why do you then become the part, as if it's real. The only real thing is SPIRIT.

Spirit, WHICH YOU ARE, is eternal. So what is the problem. Being engaged is anathema to God, and the walk in Christ. Sure, you can do lots of good works, BUT RECOGNIZE AND IDENTIFY YOURSELF AS STILL NOT HAVING ENTERED THE KINGDOM...

The mystery of Christ, in my own sort of inelegant way, is once again revealed as Rhema.


Shalom, blessings, and enjoy. z


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