Straight Down

Straight Down Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

I don’t come to talk or to reason I come to cut down the wicked sent from the Almighty I bring fire and rain floods and pestilence Your hate has no place you have no say anymore You cannot run or hide anymore All the fish in the sea A third of humanity The earth displaced

I come in the name of Almighty God I’m brighter than a billion sons I come to slay the wicked I come to end their plight I come because the Lord is wroth

I know your name I know your game I know where you live If you don’t belong to the Living God If you’re not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life You were warned You have no excuse

You have no brothers or fathers or mothers

Down, straight down, straight down, straight down, straight down, straight down…

By their fruits you shall know them not hard to see All things are known You won’t get away I’ll give you a head start

Take you down, straight down, straight down straight down, straight down, straight down Straight down, straight down now Straight down

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