Basically I am working on a very exciting track and I happened to take a drive around New Mexico with my video glasses... So for fun while I'm paused I married the two and this is what transpired. I then added some of the dialogue from the video in and out of the vid…  -ZEPH DANIEL

I play the following instruments:

Roland TD 30 KV drum kit
DSI Prophet 12 Synth
DSI Pro 2 Monophonic Synth
Moog Subphatty synth

I'm using 444 Hz, or if you like Concert A (A3)=444 hz rather than 440 Hz. To achieve this you have to tune UP 16 cents or 16/100ths of a semi-tone. It is VERY noticeable vibe wise and I feel a kind of different excitement when mixing down. 

Well, such a weird vid and the instrumental piece will be in another vid and released after a while. 

The subject of my driving around is still on the Fall, Creation,Tree of Life, self awareness as knowledge of good and evil.. Etc... I'm in a process with all that looking at genetic manipulation and earth as animal farm. lol....


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