The Healer

Lyrics, Poetry by Zeph Daniel

I was sad
trying to find my way across
from the truck stop to the diner
and what I found
People didn't even know they were alive
So I healed them all
I healed every one at the truck stop.

The power of God
has healed them
The Lamb
has healed them

I healed them but they wouldn't go
I might as well go drown myself
take to the highway
nobody knows me and no one will
but I heal them across the way

A thousand miles of dust out there
a healing...
I'm here to heal the land
all of this

They don't believe it
I know you don't want the answer

I walked across the desert there were trucks with people in cages screaming:
"What happened to the 3rd rock from the sun?"

so I looked down the road
and I found a guy in a pickup truck
he didn't have any cargo
and I said, "I heal you!
You can now see!
You were blind but now you see!"

And in the city there were people
scattered everywhere,
and I said,
"You are healed in the Name of Jesus.
All of you."

They said collectively
"We don't want it. Take your religious garbage, get out on the road, bum
keep walkin'..... "

So I walked into the desert
And started laughing
hahahahahah, hahahahaha, hahahahah
And I started dancing

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