The Situation - DCP (Death Camp Parade)

Composition and Production: Rich Keltron Keltner

Lyrics, Vocals, Production and mix: Zeph Daniel
The Situation lyrics
by Zeph Daniel

Yeah… uh huh
When you’re not looking

When you think you’ll get away with it again

Your fate is sealed!
Your fate is sealed

Your fate is sealed

We’re gonna fight for freedom

And we don’t care
if we die

Oh yeah!
Underestimate us.
You underestimate us.
You underestimate us at your own peril.
La la la lie, la la la lie….

You’re not going to be here tomorrow
no woe woe oh woe
You underestimate the situation
It’s a situation

One of us has to go
It’s gonna be you
Yeah you—
it’s gonna be you

It’s gonna be you
It’s a fact of life, one of us has to go

It’s gonna be you, gonna be you

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