"There is no place and no moment in history where I can stand and say, Arithmetic begins here, now.”

The Winged One

The Winged One

The Winged One

The Winged One

The Winged One

Flying through the air, not taking good care

We’ll steal you where you live

There isn’t any way you can beat this thing.

Run Run Run Run Run


Run Run Run Run Run Run


Only one way out.

It looked at me on the corner

like I was dead already

You have no control

And now you’re taken over by

The Winged One

Will you fight the stupid people

under the spell of the wicked one?

The Winged One

Ahhhh, I’ll fight those wings!

The Winged One is in your hair

The Winged One is everywhere

The Winged One is nowhere

All the time!

The Winged One

Beware of the Winged One.

“He felt compelled to do it”

"To commit and kill"


DCP is:

Keltron (Richard Keltner): composition, guitars, bass, synths

Zeph Daniel: production, arrangement, additional drums and guitar, lyrics, vocals

Produced, Mixed and Mastered at Carova Media Studios, New Mexico

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