The Witch Queen

Brutal poem by Michele Archer, recited and lightly sung by Trish. I did the composition and played guitar, bass and drums.

Here's the poem

‘The Witch Queen’ by Michele Archer

The moon rises above the blood-soaked ground. Knotted shadows groan as naked trees bow down before the unholy one. She walks a path untouched by prayer unknown to comfort; a path given to anything but love.

Along this way the Witch Queen comes. The wind is cold, but the queen cares not, stalking her world inhaling souls long sought.

The soldier’s life, leaking away, gazes with fogging eyes. Praying his Queen will say, “Worry not, brave one, your blessed ruler is here!” Instead, she breathes his final breath, leaving him to die deserted in death. The sanctified ones, forced to kneel, allow the Witch Queen to reveal the horror of her fury, in darkness of heart.

One nod-wink to her minions and the Godly weep. “I need more!” she screams and thunder booms at this demand. “Hurt them, longer, louder! Make it more than they can stand!” The cup of blood raised to wicked lips pours down her throat till it runs over cheek and chin. The Queen throws the goblet, wipes her mouth and cries, “I have no sin!”

But the Queen does love her children. All colors, each kind, tiny toys for her majesty to explore. In her dead heart they're nothing more. Innocence banished by her touch. And then they die. So often they die. Yet the Queen never cries. Not for them or the children never born, the ones torn and washed away. She feels them, every ounce, every day. Yet, the queen never cries. Though, like deaths rigid mask, often... She smiles.

The Witch Queen walks the direction of the moon as the wolves howl and the death birds croon... She takes her leave from the rim of this world.

The fortunate souls the demon missed cheer. Still, they know, the Witch Queen is always near...

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