Death Camp Parade (DCP) is

Rich Keltner (Keltron): Synths, Drum Synth and Composition, Guitar Solo
Zeph Daniel, Live Drums, Lyrics, Vocals, Mix


I reject your mind control...

Living in a police state...

It doesn't matter if you barricade yourselves inside
They'll pry, they'll find a way in.

Please stay away from me.

Police State
Police State
Police State
Police State

Used to be we'd go where we want
and do almost anything.

Now we're stuck in a glass bubble
Being watched and tracked as we struggle.

Fema Camps and Death Camps
Is where you go if you rebel

What ever happened to the land of the free
and home of the brave?

They're in our heads
They're in our cars
Our schools
Our bars.

Police State
Pollce State
Police State
Police State

You can barricade yourselves inside
They'll find a way in.

Target you
Find you.

Look around.

Is there anyone exempt?

I woke up to find myself
living in a nightmare.

Used to be we play in the sun
And have no cares.

We would dream of better days
And thought we could do anything.

The New World Order is a death cult
Intent on killing us all.

I won't live in your Death Trap
I will not fall.

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