Truth Seeker





Get down, get cha back

Get down, get cha back

Get down, get cha back to what you were doing


Dreamers gonna dream, seekers gonna seek

Regardless of what’s thrown at them to believe

Dreamers gonna dream, seekers gonna seek

We’re standing on the fringes reclaiming humanity


I see a future of conscious beings fighting against this construct 

of assimilation and conflicting modalities. 

After reading the history, I’ve come to the notion that we may be 

just banging the last gongs of civilization again. 


Once a society loses its ideals, there is no reason to remember the past 

and then the children become a blank slate which is quite empowering 

for those who want to control.



Truth seeker, hang on to your love

Truth seeker, remember who you are

Truth bleeder, seep into this earth

Truth seeker, remember what it’s worth. What it’s worth.


Despite all the dirty laundry, tomorrow the veil thins more

And more peace is needed, it’s only your intent now.


Melody - Kellie Rowley, Music – Zeph Daniel

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