Undulating (Waves of Love) - The Mystery Remains by Zeph Daniel

It’s all stripped away now everything I thought has come to naught

Everything I believed is hearsay on my sleeve forgetfulness is my friend forgetfulness endure homeward bound forgetfulness it’s the one thing I can count on even if induced

It’s the one thing, one thing I can live without

Undulating waves of infinite love cascading through the universe and something incomprehensible revealed to those who wait but one can never go back to tell the others

Undulating waves of love from which the worlds are born Undulating waves of potential where all things come from

Terrifying All consuming The movement a dance throughout forever coming and going entering in and mysteriously disappearing all of which is language all of which is spoken all of which is sung all of which a frequency cannot be discovered the mysteries note the mystery of it all resides in the opening and the closing

the coming and the going without ceasing without beginning or end without form or shape fully conscious and awake long before everything began and then long after it went away the mystery remains it’s the mystery of love….

Genre: Psychedelic, Cinematic

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