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There is a lot going on here... there are audios, music, sonic exploits, blogs and what not from 2002... not all of them wind up here, but those that are pertinent.  All three podomatic sites are transferring to this one side.

We have categories, as you can see, to the right.  If you tap on "Classic Z" for example, you'll see ROCK CODE RED.  Tap that on and you will be able to play this satirical craziness from 2004...  The three podcasts from podomatic are

No Religionistas, The Zeph Report, and Zedjah

For now these will be categories as you'll see to the right.  Anything new is categorized as The Zeph Daniel Show.  All music, new and old is Zedjah Music.  I will be digging out some pretty crazed sessions also from 2005-6, as well as a lot of tracks that are not on Reverbnation or Myspace.  Same with audios.

Right now I'm looking for that audio where I had a vision of these fat women forcing a classroom full of boys to look at a screen image of the girl of their dreams while they were hooked up to a mothership and their precious bodily fluids were being taken...You can just imagine how the Christian community dealt with that one.  But I was serious--it was a vision.  Anyway, one day you'll see it.  Big fat women I think I said.

That's all for now, this will be for blogging too.




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