Welcome to the Puppet Show

Life in tatters

Blood on the floor

Voices scream, “Nothin’ Matters!”

Death screams for more.


Confusion by the box load

Dumped on every one

Deafened by the noise

ya never see us come …

It’s just another show. 


Yeah, welcome to the puppet show

Strings yanked every day.

Listen to the puppet leader;                    

He’ll show you how to play.

When his string is yanked 

Everybody do the same!   

Throw your hands above your head!

C’mon, it’s just a game!                       


When they open up his mouth

Your mouth opens, too.

And when they leave him in a pile   

That means, ‘Die on cue.’                                   


But most often                       

The shifty puppetteer,                       

The only one you see…                    

Listens to your questions

On your life he’ll try to feed.          


So you never saw us coming,

but one day you will learn                  

When the puppet’s strings are gone                        

And his soul we finally burn…

We’ll turn our eyes on you.                                     

We lust to have you see                                          

the face of true damnation                  

And how loud your screams can be.


You think that sounds terrible?

You think that sounds, cruel?  

Don’t look at me, you let me rule.

You had a way out

but you bought the fake.

Now I’m here, your soul to take.                  

Still confused? Let me be clear.                    

Your eternal death lies                                             

in a full length mirror.  

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