By Rich Keltner and Zeph Daniel Rich, guitars and composition Zeph, drums, bass, vocals

WUSSIE - DCP Lyrics by Zeph Daniel

Wussie Oh hello once again You’re crying in the corner coz they don’t give you everything you want

Oh you moan and cry Cry Baby, Cry Baby Wussie, Wuss, Pussy, Let’s get down to it Oh I’m so scared of you Oh, what are you gonna do to me

Leave me alone or I will riot I will burn all your quiet You owe me from eternity! Now I’m gonna make you pay.

Mommy… I want the ultimate pampering I want you to believe, believe, believe me!

We have a list of demands You will not be able to stand First of all give up all your property to me Some of you will not be able to see

Wuss You are a wussie Cry baby Wussie, cry baby Cry baby You want everything for free

Your rebellion is as pathetic as you are You’re screaming and crying Nobody cares anymore (Cry baby, cry baby, etc)

No more… No more… No more…..

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