Yeah, oh yeah

I cried to You

Oh, Lord

and You healed me

Oh yeah

By Your favor

Made the mountains stand strong

You hid your face and I was troubled

I cried to you, Oh God

Unto the will of You I will make supplication

I say,

What profit is there in my blood when I go down to the pit?

Shall the dust praise thee?

Shall it declare Your Truth?

Oh Yeah

To the end that I may sing glory

Unto You and not be silent

Oh Lord, My God

I will give thanks to You

Forever and ever

You lifted me up

You did not lift my enemies

You stopped them from rejoicing over my fall

You stopped them Lord

From laughing at my distress

Which they thought they caused

and yet when I cried out to you

You healed me

You healed me

Yeah yeah….

You healed me

I looked up to You

You brought me up

from the dead which surrounded me

You gave me life

You stopped my descent into the grave

Your anger endures only a moment

(I deserved it)

But you saved me anyway

Joy comes in the morning


Yeah Yeah……

Rich Keltner Composition,

Zeph Daniel Mix, Lyrics, and Vocals

(c) Carova Media, LLC

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