Z: AGAPE 08-28-2004


The pure love of Elohim—this is the soul’s journey, to perfect love, the consummation of the wedding feast, which is the final destination of the soul in eternity. 

So then, knowing this, as we look around the world, in so many religious systems, do we see Agape (the Unconditional Love of God resident in the hearts of the believers)?

We do not. 

Why do we not? 

We do not because man is a hateful creature, and man’s religious systems are designed to foment that hatred—to give the depravity of man a covering, a way to go… a secret place to fester and grow. These are the religious institutions and I might add, all institutions upon the earth built by men, thus proof of either a fallen condition or evil within the hearts of men. 

We have seen wars, most recently Iraq, begun in the name of Jesus Christ. We have seen mass slaughter done in the name of Jesus. We have also seen mass slaughter in the name of Satan in the form of Communism, which is simply another word for satanism, or the religion of the negative path—the path of fascism. 

The Christian path has been one of totalitarianism and judgmentalism, the way of hypocrisy and the way of lying. It is one awash in blood, and it purports to follow Yahushua (Godhead) and his teachings. Ultimately, the God acknowledged is Yahweh—the Creator of all things. 

The Buddhist path has been one of lack, i.e. the inability to reach nirvana, thus the way of impotence. It becomes a form of sorcery to some sects, and is syncretistic in most societies, that is, the Buddhist icons go in, but the old pagan ways of the agrarian villages remains (India, China, and Japan, primarily, and also in all the satellite countries).

The Muslim path has been the way of war and intolerance, yet acknowledging the Godhead (not the moon-god as so many Christian apologists are quick to point out). 

The Hindu path has also been a warring and pagan path, owing its pantheon in part to “Satan,” though Hindus see all forms and gods as aspects of the One God—the universal Godhead that created all life in the Universe. The belief in reincarnation is a copy of what really goes on, a teaching the world is not ready to receive yet. 

The Jewish faith is simply worship of Yahweh while rejecting that Yahushua is the savior…and of course many trials and tribulations have befallen the Israelites, the chosen of Yahweh—as time and time again, the Jews have failed and wound up apostate. 

Now, bear in mind… all these are colossal religious institutions, affecting billions of people!

Men run the institutions, and few men are regenerated of the Spirit… i.e. changed from that of carnality and hate, to that of agape, or the all-encompassing, healing love of the Father to all who would seek Him. Becoming agape in the spirit means that the Spirit of Yahweh (Elohim) is alive within a person, and changes the person into pure love, or agape…which is pure light, the light that obliterates the darkness as it states in John 1:5-8.


Upon the earth, there is an enemy—there is a matrix. Man is born a slave. The Negative Hierarchy rules the planet and the universe that we perceive. This is a very hostile environment for the human soul, yet exactly what the soul needs to emancipate—as only through the brokenness of the human spirit can the soul rise up and claim its rightful place in Yahweh. 

Much about reality is misunderstood, for example, where and when you are born has to do with your soul condition, there is no randomness or waste with God. 

Agape is the path of liberation. Agape, the Greek word for God’s unconditional love for all things, exists in all things of God. Those who submit to God receive agape, and become agape to the extent they complete the process of soul-emancipation.

Agape heals the human condition, the way of man, which is basically a base reality with four main functions… hunt, build, mate and defend (war). Taken in its pure form, these could be seen as noble traits, but add to this the perversion of consciousness: sadism, cruelty, hatred, the need to torture, to control, to sodomize, to dismember (to name a few traits of man), and it becomes self-evident to all humans that there is an inherent problem that ALL religious systems so far have been unable to address, let alone cure. 

I do not count the natural religion of the earth, paganism, or New Ageism, as a religion, since this is the way of man, naturally. To embrace this is to embrace base carnality rather than spirituality, to call hate love and vice versa—this is the negative way of Nazism, corporate fascism, globalism, one-worldism, communism, collectivism, and the way of consensus within all religious systems. Consensus means covering man’s base nature with good works, thus secretly legitimizing the base instinct to defile the things of Yahweh, the Godhead of the universe (however you define the cosmos).


When humans break free of the spiritual slavery of conformity (satanism), and seek the Father, the other humans will attack, as is their base instinct to do. Humans tend to attack anything they do not understand, so the things of Agape, the Father’s unconditional love, represents the biggest threat to the slave system upon the earth. However, the soul must emancipate and go through a trial by fire, if that soul is born here… not all souls are here upon the earth, and many are in transition and have graduated from the base prison planet we call earth. Religion cannot save anyone, and indeed, religious systems seek to further enslave the masses and mind-control them so that they never break out of the box. All religions are pretty much the same—conforming mechanisms for society, and nothing more. 


And thus, dear souls, you must overcome this world, as I spoke to you about last night in my audio presentation, and to do that, you must “run the race” alone. 

You may have fellow sojourners from time to time—just know that these are brethren from eternity, and if you lost touch with them on the path, you will see them shortly in eternity. 

But to ensure that you do not get stuck in Sheol (which can mean any world besides this one, in various modalities and times), you must seek the Father’s agape. Agape heals your soul. 

We spoke of emancipation.

We spoke of the soul’s journey.

We spoke of soul tracks. 

How would you like to simply finish the race now? 

Ask the Father to fill you with agape, to fill you up with His Spirit, which is agape… daily. Then operate from there… decisions, life directions, etc. 

You will find yourself living in a far-different world in just a few hours after making this decision. 

Agape, the Father’s superabundant spirit, heals souls instantly… even persecution melts away as you feel sensations of overflowing love toward those who have slandered and cursed you, which, if you are walking on the path, will be many who were considered friends a short while ago. 

They cannot go where you are going—they must put their tent-stakes down now. But you do them a great service by continuing your journey. 

In fact, the most important thing you can do for humanity is to continue on your journey to AGAPE, or total soul emancipation… for Agape is what you are made of in the Spirit, Agape is what you are ultimately…if you be like Him, Yahushua, the Messiah, who lives in our hearts as a tabernacle (a place of God’s dwelling).



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