by Zeph E. Daniel

It is happening to the late Pope, John Paul II; it happens to many who die—deification, exaltation by man, and many of these are all-too-human. 

The game continues—but with plans within plans for global destabilization, the DEATH WAVE of the summertime. 


I have seen a huge oil tanker with the name “Maria,” or “Mariel” or something like that on the back… I had this vision 2 times, and was told to warn about this—the event will cause environmental damage; the event is a terror event, and represents how TERROR takes to the high seas, and the new age of PIRATES has begun. 

The security measures for the Pope’s funeral are incredible: missiles, fighter jets, military of all kinds—and in the future, every event will be like this, so the public is conditioned to accept the reptilian dominance of the globe—as you may know, military dictatorships are manifestations of the reptilian agenda, which is to enslave mankind overtly (the spiritual enslavement of the majority has already occurred). This overt military order will be quite simple after the vectoring of super-plagues, as flu strains to make super-flu strains, as bugs become super bugs. 

This is a reality we face, as planes continue to spray poisons in the environment—as the Military/Industrial complex has continued to poison the waters, the seeds, continues to destroy undersea life…which brings this scripture to mind:

Rev 16:3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.

These vials can easily be attached to planes—mighty angels direct man to self-destruct, and guide the plans of evil men so as to exact God’s judgment upon an evil and uncaring world.


A man stood by, pointing out over the sea, and there was an island rising out of the water—its trees were as tentacles…and in the center was a dome of shimmering light so bright it could not be looked upon with human eyes. Ships came out of the dome and sped toward cities, destroying them… 

The old man walked in the desert—causing old and young to see their doubles. 

He then forced a scientist to push a red button that said: PLAGUE… 

And another button that said: HOLOCAUST.

He walked off into the desert as a mirage. How the sea and the desert were together I don’t know—but they were exactly together. 

“Now is the time I have told you about,” comes a voice from Heaven. 


I see towers beaming electronic images—as Louie Armstrong sings “What A Beautiful World.”

Citizens of all sizes and shapes are frozen in their cars—in strange death. I find one who can speak and he says, “I hate God for doing this.”

And I say, “It’s not God…it’s the logical failure at the end.”

And then throngs of people worshiped gigantic pictures of personalities… celebrities. 

But all that was left were televisions strung together to make huge images—as the people, in rags, watched, and watched… and could not look away. 

This scripture comes:

Rev 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

There were waves of beautiful music, as people walked about holding pictures of the earth—they had sores on them…and said, “It used to be perfect.”

This is clearly an apocalyptic vision—and one which shows the utter failure of all systems, and clearly, there is no new Atlantis or a new society built on secular (or ritual) principles; the apotheosis of movie stars, religious leaders, soap-opera personalities and the entire cult of personality syndrome, was reduced to TV images for the few survivors left. 

Clearly, someone was behind the mind control images—using masses of televisions and screens “in the sky” to hypnotize the traumatized few left. 

It reveals to me that the plans of the wicked FAIL—the New World Order…FAILS. 

To me as I walk around here—it looks like the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, and a biological holocaust. The survivors are controlled by an INVISIBLE HAND… a hand of evil in the sky. 


I saw rows and rows of billboards, with huge faces offering toothpaste and deodorant—things that no one can afford anymore—and passenger cars and trips to China and Brazil… trips no one will ever go on again. 

The old man cackling in the desert—plague and fire. Fire and plague. 

The destruction is man-made, and I see nothing of earth changes here. 

I have seen this old man before—he enters people, creates doubles who go and do bad things. They have no memory of releasing the plagues to kill off billions of people… no memory of organizing the nuking of civilization. 

The leaders are blind. 


The pope shall be deified as the last good pope—and the ominous feeling that evil will now reign more overtly from the Vatican, a major power-player in money, wars, and obviously spiritual slavery… conform (to the Catholic Church) or die. 

We say, REPENT OR DIE, for the day of the LORD is at hand! 

As far as the United States goes… I will write more later, as this series of visions and wordings has just begun.