Human 2020, or 20 minutes on the 20th of each month to end human slavery and human trafficking by 2020.  Already since this initiative has started a huge shakeup has occurred in this sordid and secret world.  

We talk a lot about God, and I talk a bit about my silence, which was brief, and not particularly guided by any one thing.  So many horrible predictions were being made for September and the big one is Sep 23 and 24.  And basically for the rest of the time.  I wanted to get away from all the "noise" and see if there is anything good.  

Such a great time to be alive, and yet I see so many hiding, suspicious, preparing for the worst, depressed, etc etc.  Well, we may have horrible things happen--they happen every year.  But are we really living to our full potential?  What is God saying...?  What is He not saying?

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