Ultimately the value of this podcast is proving that attachment to the human drama is misery (vanity in The Book of Ecclesiastes), and detachment, alignment with Pure Consciousness, which is God, proves to any individual that we are not our dramas, that when we are self-concerned, or self-referencing, we are caught in a drama we did not create, that is not us, and will produce the human condition of MISERY. Again, we're at war, the ship is sinking, economy is getting worse, and all that while I lay in the sun, giving thanks.

Thus, the true path unfolds before us, a sacred MYSTERY called THE WAY, JESUS, and that true forgiveness causes lives to change and TRUE FORGIVENESS is detachment from our own thoughts about what happened or did not happen to us through some proposed notion of history which may or may not be true. The difference between meditation under God and say, Yoga, is that there is no need to carry the world, or the burden of self-change, self-awareness, or achieving works (like Enlightenment, Nirvana, Satori, Cosmic Consciousness, etc etc) when God is awareness, and thus anything is a meditation that causes us to lose focus on ourselves.

May you be blessed.

Freedom series 1.

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