Really, beyond religion is more delusion -- beyond philosophy is more conundrum. Reaction to life is still imprisoned life.

I can see that most do not wish to travel beyond the Internet dogma, the same old drama day after day...the fearmongering bs that people call spirituality. You know the players, you know their rhetoric. You also know that those who heed are kept in bondage, all ironically in Jesus' name... those claiming to be born again though dead, trapped in delusion.

So this is for the very few. Jesus is the WAY to.... ? To X. What is X? Define X! Seeking to get the satanists i.e. US VERSUS THEM CONSCIOUSNESS is no different than ethnic cleansing or Adolf Hitler in purely conscious terms. The same trap exists, the same dichotomy as the Inquisition... a house divided, corrupt tree at the roots, yielding no fruit.

There is a point where I must leave dogma behind. At that point I hope to have no listeners and thus render these past years meaningless and intensely joyful.

Time for a wonderful cup of tea.



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