The Internet is down here, and so this is uploaded via a Verizon modem as a backup... though the connection is a bit tenuous.

The power had gone out, and we were running on backup power, but somehow this came through.

The show itself was canceled today, as in addition to the power going out, the solution to the internet problem is not in sight.

Ah...HOW BLESSED ARE WE!... If you receive this it truly is miraculous.

It is a HARD WORD... as they have been... we all need to stop telling God and lording it over others about how much we know and how wise we are and listen for a change.

Fenelon is quoted, and confirms the word from yesterday. To get Fenelon, please call Barbara Marcati, 888-239-9890,

We must be as little children and quit trying for glory in the xtianity realm... God gives his all to the new repentant sinner, to the children, to babes and not to the wise and "anointed"........


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