Again, I find myself addressing new people who are kind of stuck in the world system wondering how to get out, and what all the screaming (spiritual warfare) is about. It's like that often, that I will plan to do a talk (in this case the idea that nothing is impossible with God, that did not get traction today) and then it's steered off to whoever I perceive (in the spirit) the audience to be. So it's all a prophetic exercise and always with the hope of others waking up out of the Matrix via Jesus--but Jesus is misunderstood in Christianity--and not as a non-commercial liberator of people in any cultural background or religion.

Note: Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims may retain their heritage but meet Jesus. Once anyone meets Jesus, their lives are changed forever. Then they finally realize the peril of this world and the whole point of the Satanic, i.e. to get rid of humanity, and to pay off those who help in that regard.



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