Definitely there is a political position that is honored in the sight of Yahweh. Though I see Yahweh dealing with individuals through YahShua Messiah, and especially hearts, the episode on Solomon's Kingdom really opened some doors as to the successful political leader that has favor with God.

Those who are conservatives or liberals, somewhere in the lukewarm middle as most are, need to think about the issues that would anger our Holy God... such as godlessness, such as collectivism, such as a nation's sovereignty under God, such as the founding principles of America (as in America), that all life and rights flow from the Holy Lord, the Creator. Then you can see the Leftist-Marxist agenda as a scourge against humanity and the fall of a nation. Any repentence before God must also be in league with throwing off godlessness as it pertains to policy.

I often feel as if I am a stranger in a strange land, a citizen of no country... and I did buy the argument (for awhile) that there is no difference between the left and the right--it's just a Hegelian style dialectic.

That's wrong. The Left is of Luciferian, period. There is no other way to look at this enemy of God. The extreme satanic right--i.e. warmongers--also unwise, also of Satan, and whose god is money... in the middle you've got issues that are dividing: abortion, legislation against prayer, so-called same sex-marriage, and any law that abrogates the mandate set forth in the Judeo Christian paradigm, i.e. anything anti Yahweh... There are consequences, such as losing the nation God had blessed.

And more.

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