Satanism in Satan's world, by those who deny anything like this exists, infiltrating all major schools and posts in power centers of entertainment, politics, science etc... thus diseducation, lies and social darwinism becomes the norm, criminal politics as usual.

RHEMA: predictions, prophecies... the days will become darker, because it is not enough to vote the bad guys out and the good guys in... it begins with the individual prizing God above all things and willing to go through social scorn... who will do it? Those who get the call and are GLAD, GRATEFUL, APPRECIATIVE, OF THE GIFT JESUS CHRIST HAS GIVEN.

As for my old classmates, if any of you hear this: DEAL WITH IT. It's your one else can turn it around.

It takes a miracle for a privileged one to repent and take up his cross with gladness.

Shalom Z


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