Nor is it about me... The tale of Jonah and his afflictions serves as a backdrop for our backwards minds... Do we expect reward? Do we expect God to be there when we decide to be there? What about when He is there and we hide or run?

The alcoholic who prays daily and dies and alcoholic...the grateful child of God who accepts Jesus when He comes, is totally healed of affliction, and goes merrily through the Kingdom... praying at will, playing in the fields of the Lord, to be envied.

What about that alcoholic who prayed daily for help?

Where was he (or she) when the Lord came knocking?

Where was Jonah when the Lord came knocking?

Besides, it's not about us, or OUR TIMING, or our fantasies and thoughts about this world or ourselves... at all.

Prepare to be drilled by the Word of God, brothers and sisters... we all need this one.

Shalom Shalom z