"Come on and take a free ride..." Edgar Winter Group

Once again, I give direct testimony regarding the satanic elite, their ways, who they are, and expose the pathetic and amazingly low end Hollywood elite, whose moniker should read: "DO AS WE DO OR DO NOT WORK"....

Really, it's all monkey see monkey do... no one takes a stand, all imitate their masters. Fortunately the LIST of who voted on the Petition to Free Polanski is there for the world to see. I would like to thank Luc Besson, the great French director, writer and producer for not participating in this sham and refusing to sign their idiotic petition.

In the end, Polanski--and none of us--is above the law. If I did what he did I would still be in jail.

There is no level of depravity Hollywood won't descend to including the justification human trafficking, sorry to say...that's par for the course.

I've kept my powder dry long enough -- it's time to fight for what is decent, and to that end, we are expanding the ZEPH REPORT...beginning today with a more "normal" radio production.

It will be ubiquitous.

Look it up if you don't know.